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RT11DSK Utility by Nikita Zimin [May 10 2017 19:45:37] Usage: Disk image commands: rt11dsk l - list image contents rt11dsk e - extract file rt11dsk x - extract all files rt11dsk a - add file rt11dsk d - delete file rt11dsk xu - extract all unused space Hard disk image commands: rt11dsk hi - invert HDD image file rt11dsk hl - list HDD image partitions rt11dsk hx - extract partition to file rt11dsk hu - update partition from the file rt11dsk hpl - list partition contents rt11dsk hpe - extract file from the partition rt11dsk hpa - add file to the partition Parameters: is UKNC disk image in .dsk or .rtd format is UKNC hard disk image file name is hard disk image partition number, 0..23 is a file name to read from or save to